How to reset firewalld rules to Fedora default?

I want to reset the rules to Fedora default and start over.

Please help.

Thanks in advance!

sudo mv /etc/firewalld{,.bak}
sudo dnf reinstall firewalld

That one works on Fedora Workstation.

How about on Silverblue?

Assuming your active zone is FedoraWorkstation:

firewall-cmd --load-zone-defaults=FedoraWorkstation --permanent
firewall-cmd --reload
firewall-cmd --load-zone-defaults=FedoraWorkstation --permanent

Error: NO_DEFAULTS: FedoraWorkstation

From the man page:

--permanent --load-zone-defaults=zone
    Load zone default settings or report NO_DEFAULTS error.

Did you made any changes to the FedoraWorkstation zone? With the default configuration, I get the same error, but after adding some services, it works fine. I tried it with Fedora Workstation (not Silverblue)

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@SampsonF, perhaps you should create a separate thread how to reinstall a package in Silverblue.

@ersen, unfortunately that method is not so reliable:

  • Possibly altered service definitions, direct rules, IP sets, etc. require manual rollback.
  • File ownership/permissions and SELinux labels may be incorrect.
  • Firewalld own service config may be customized.
  • RPM scripts may need to be reapplied.
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Yes, for those zones with modifications, I got a success return. For those I do not change, I got the error return.

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