How to reinstall a single RPM package in Silverblue

Continuing the discussion from How to reset firewalld rules to Fedora default?:

Backup then remove of /etc/firewalld folder then doing a dnf reinstall firewalld will get the default configuration files under Fedora Workstation.

But how to have the same for Silverblue?


I’m also curious how to do it properly in Silverblue:

  • Reinstall a single RPM package.
    • Restore the package default configs in writable locations such as /etc and /var.
    • Reapply the package RPM scripts.

Hopefully this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.


You can get a list of modified files (compared to the defaults coming with the OS)

sudo ostree admin config-diff |grep firewalld

So, you can rename (or delete if you are confident with that) the firewalld directory

mv /etc/firewalld /etc/firewalld.bk

Finally, copy the default configuration to /etc

sudo cp -aT /usr/etc/firewalld /etc/firewalld


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