How To Open İso File At Fedora 36 Linux

I downloaded a file from this site. android-x86 download |

İt downloaded as ISO how can i properly open and run this file

It really depends on what you want to do with the file. So: what do you want to do with the ISO image?

so my aim is to install the android simulator. After that, I guess there is something called libhoduini. If I install it, android applications will work. Like what is said here.

I’m thinking of following this instruction. I guess there will be something to follow it. You know better. what should I do?

I don’t know What exactly would you like to do? but

  1. How I can inspect this iso or image?

a. click on the iso image and you could see in the left in nautilus navbar the following structure:

  1. What means this structure?

this structure means which this iso is a distro you can burn in in a CD or USB and you can boot your system with this image in the same maner you can do it with :fedora: , the next question is

  1. Can I install it in my box?

I don’t know, the original site don’t provide much information about this, I can guess that it is an android environment and complete configurable that you can emulate by this media in your own box.


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You mean this?

That’s not a simulator. As Hector pointed out, it looks like a build of Android for x86 hardware. So, what you’ve downloaded is the OS, like Fedora. You can (apparently) install it in your laptop, the way you’ve installed Fedora, or you can run it in a virtual machine. If you are running Gnome, you should have gnome-boxes installed:

Waow ı dont know it was a operation system! thanks