How to navigate "quick docs"?

Hi, I started using Fedora, I am trying to move around through the docs, I visited the quick docs but it seems only a page without any navigation

Use the navigation menu on the left to find an area of interest

But I can’t find any menu on the left, both on desktop and mobile.

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@nulll thanks for reporting the issue. When I use and edit Quick Docs at desktop, navigation menu is displayed on the left pane. My laptop has a 13 inch screen and runs latest Firefox that comes with KDE Plasma.

You’re right - my Samsung Z Fold 3 doesn’t show navigation menu.

I didn’t realize how it would be rendered in my phone.

I opened an issue ticket here.

But we need details on your browser/version and any custom settings you added for desktop and mobile. And, screen size and resolution.

As usual with mobile devices, the menu is located on the far left of the top bar (below the blue header bar). It is not a familiar “burger”, but a stylized bulleted list.

Maybe, we should adjust the text?

My phone was on dark mode, so didn’t show the stylized list, which is next to home logo on top-left when I changed my screen to light mode.

It works for me. Maybe, we need to test browser in dark mode and see how it needs to be rendered.

@nulll can you try changing your screen to light mode?

I can confirm that the issue is related to dark mode, the icon that triggers the menu is not visible in dark mode.


I can confirm that on my Samsung mobile the menu is messed up. Not accessible.

Dark mode styling update fixes the issue.