How to make connection to OpenVPN without using openvpn3 in Fedora 36

I have installed Fedora 36 on my computer. Some time later I tried to connect to VPN via OpenVPN using .ovpn file, but I found nothing in the internet except openvpn3 for this purpose. May be someone can offer any GUI to connect via .ovpn file or method how to work with OpenVPN in Fedora 36.

If you are using the Gnome desktop, the following package can be installed:


From the terminal, do:

sudo dnf install NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome

The problem is that after switching VPN in parameters browser stops working.

This is not the problem stated in the title or your original post.
Please make sure your problem and desired behavior is clearly and completely described so we can understand the issue.

I want to ask, how to use .ovpn files without openvpn3 and without NetworkManager? I want to find out, whether exist any other ways to use VPN via .ovpn-files in fedora?

May be someone knows any GUI?


A quick google search found this:

Thanks Tom.