How to learn Ardour for home recording?

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I have fallen down the rabbit hole of home recording in search of sweet and warm sound.

I’m keen to create voice-overs to video tutorials. I got an entry-level recording kit that fits the purpose, nothing fancy.

Could you recommend good (short and sweet) tutorial video to learn about Ardour?

Homework I did



It’s a shame this went unanswered for so long…

I’m not aware of something that fits the bill – short and sweet. I remember Ardour videos to be rather long than short, often about single features, and many of them not for the current version (especially with version 8 released lately). So… with the “homework” you did already, is there anything you’re stuck with, any questions you think such a tutorial would answer?

Thanks for your heads-up. Seven tutorials @whanakemusic at YouTube reached its sweet spot for me. Unfa offers in-depth tutorials. Both instructors helped me shorten learning curve.