How to install nix cleanly?

Hello all.

I want to install nix, but the quick install method in Download Nix / NixOS | Nix & NixOS is a bit ugly.

I couldn’t find any initiatives to package this into Fedora, which surprised me, as nix is an amazing technology, helpful specially on workstations (ahem).

Is there a way to install it with the usual ergonomics of an rpm? Is there any initiative to package it into Fedora?


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What is your system? What Fedora?
Ugly, what do you mean?

There are some copr’s.

That being said, I think the script from the nix site is pretty clean. nix lives in it’s own space so it should be fine.


I’m on fedora silverblue 35.

By “ugly” I mean it’s not a rpm package, with automatic updates and so on.

Also I couldn’t find any copr.

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Some software is only ‘ugly’. Most of them will warn you to manually update.

In your case, you wouldn’t want to push nix into an overlay. Isn’t it actually far better for it not to be a package on Silverblue?

It has been a while since I ran nix outside of nixos but aren’t the nix commands updated by nix itself? You should already be using nix to update all the software you install with nix.

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Yes, actually I opened fix: make nix work out of the box on rpm-ostree by yajo · Pull Request #8 · nix-community/nix-installers · GitHub to make Nix properly installable inside rpm-ostree distros, such as Silverblue.

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