How to install Firebird on Fedora 40?

I am struggling getting Firebird to work on Fedora 40.

I have installed the firebird package, but fail to connect to it and also cannot find any documentation on it. The error I get when trying to log in is:

Install incomplete, please read the Compatibility chapter in the release notes for this version [SQLState:28000, ISC error code:335545029]

The documentation I do find suggests to install firebird-superserver, but that is not in the repository.

Have you installed firebird-doc.noarch : Documentation for Firebird SQL server?

Quoting /usr/share/doc/firebird/README.Fedora:

Differences between upstream and the Fedora package

  • In /usr/bin you have isql-fb for Firebird isql.
    We can’t name it isql to avoid conflict with isql from UNIX-ODBC.
    In /usr/bin you have also gstat-fb for Firebird gstat.
    We can’t name it gstat to avoid conflict with gstat from Ganglia-gmond.

  • By default, Firebird is set as superserver mode.
    Please read the Firebird doc if you want to change the mode.

  • According to Fedora packaging rules, firebird service is not started
    automatically. You need to start it, as root :
    systemctl start firebird.service
    If you want to have firebird started at each boot, as root :
    systemctl enable firebird.service

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I haven’t.

But, after some extra digging I found out I needed version 3.0.11, so I installed from the installer from the Firebird website. Which worked fine.

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