How to install Chrome Webbrowser

I installed Fedora Workstation tonight and umm… don’t get it.

Can Chrome be run on it as a browser?

I need Chrome as some of my apps only work with it.

I don’t even find a way to shut it down!

I must be missing something.

During the Initial Login you were asked if you wanted 3rd Party applications.

If you did notallow 3rd party Repositories, you can enable them by going to the Software Center like so :

From here you can then install Google chrome.


The menu is on the top Right corner like so :

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Okay, great. I thought I enabled third party. Getting too tired to do more tonight. How does one exit from the workstation and shut down?

Fedora is a GNU Distrobution of Linux. It respects your right to use proprietary software or not. This includes codecs and software that does not comply with this Freedom Respecting philosophy.

You can have those things if you like, but it’s your choice.

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I don’t see on my screen what you showed.

i am using Fedora Wokstation 40 ( albeit with a green and Black theme ) What are you looking at? Did you install Workstation or a Spin like KDE or XFCE ?

I see, it’s the battery icon…


I installed workstation…

What’s the reason this doesn’t let me reply 'too quickly '?

Could be networking ? I am drinking :coffee: so maybe I’m faster?

Well, I keep getting error messages saying I am replying too quickly and wait 30 seconds!

Anyway your screenshots are super helpful.

I am sure it feels bizarre just because I am so not used to it.

My Software Repositories does show all enabled, including google chrome. Can you tell me how to access Chrome?

I went round and round about this on Linux forums, where some are in a mindset to avoid Chrome. I tried Firefox, used it years ago, also Brave, but neither works with an app extension that’s important to me.

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Once you enabled the Repository, You can click on the magnify glass on the left corner, and type “Google Chrome” give it a minute to get the information and viola !

Clicking in the first choice should be from Google themselves which bring you to another screen with an install button.

Yikes. I took the usb stick out and did a restart, and the screen filled with stuff, and FAILED in red at the bottom.

So you had not fully installed Fedora onto your system yet? I might be missing something?

I thought it had finished installing. It said it had…

When it said it finished installing, did you promptly reboot the machine and then Log in? This might be steps that you missed?

That might be the steps missing.

Now it gave a choice for setup which had also been missing and I thought strange. Something is really off with the internet connection, it’s very delayed.

I would show a screenshot but it also didn’t load. Now it did. Wondering if I need to re-install Fedora tomorrow since apparently I interrupted it. The usb stick is still reading now.

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I might have mistakenly set it to boot from usb.

How can I change that?

It also asked if I wanted to install to hard drive after I thought it had.