Best way to install chrome on fedora?

what is the best way to install chrome on fedora?

?Enable third party repos and install it via Gnome Software?

there is no official release, only the unofficial flathub version

sudo dnf config-manager --enable google-chrome
sudo dnf install google-chrome-stable

That’s weird, I haven’t enabled the googl-chrome repo, but it was already setup in my WS. Perhaps something else can pull it in.

Sorry for that, I thought it was enabled in Fedora ootb. I don’t use chrome, ever.

just to be sure, with that i download the official package developed by Google, am I right ?

It can be, but only if the user selects to enable the 3rd party repos during the setup on first boot.

The .repo file is there, but not enabled by default.

It is signed with their official GPG key:
Linux Software Repositories – Google

Thank you for your time!