How to increase the size of /var/home/ in Fedora 38 Silverblue?

I need space to install more programs/apps and games how do i increase the size of my var/home? Currently my var directory is 105.5 GB in which only 77.1 GB are free.
Here a screenshot of my partitions from disks

Thanks for any suggestion

Please share the output of df -h

HI, you are the guy from reddit, thanks man you’ve been very helpful so far. Here it is
df -h

I’m afraid you’re simply getting low on disk space. /, /var, and /home are separate subvolumes, but they all share the same storage pool.

You can install Disk Usage Analyzer from Flathub (it’s also available as a Fedora flatpak) to visualize disk usage in your home directory. It can’t see the rest of your system, but the only other place you’re likely to have a lot of disk usage is /var/lib/flatpak, which you can check with du -sh /var/lib/flatpak.

Alternatively, you can layer it so it can see your whole system: rpm-ostree install baobab