Manual partitioning and /var size


For the classic Fedora, the recommended partitioning scheme is described in great detail in the “Installation guide using Anaconda”. The average value of the volume of the / partition is 25 GB and the recommended size of the /var partition is at least 3 GB.

In Fedora Silverblue, as I understand all applications are installed in the /var partition. This may be the reason for reducing the size of the / partition and increasing the size of the /var partition.

Is there a recommended partitioning scheme for Fedora Silverblue? Or is the recommended size of the /var partition, similar to how the size of the / partition (containing also /usr) is recommended for a classic Fedora from 25 to 75 GB (depending on the number of applications that are planned for installation)?


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About partitioning, since Fedora Linux and it’s variants are installed as default using BTRFS for the filesystem, the size of the partition which holds / and /var and /home is not predetermined, since the filesystem allocates space as needed. Relying on the default partitioning scheme is always best since it is known to work for all variants of Fedora Linux, such as Silverblue. The default layout is subvolume for /, subvolume for /var, and another for /home. This allows for flexibility in using the btrfs subvolume snapshot feature.

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