How to implement an wireless connection between android and linux without an common wifi

Hey all, how can I share files from my android to fedora by using my mobile hotspot without an common wifi, I tried GSConnect but it’s slow(max 2mbps through sytem monitor) and sometimes it won’t work. Any suggegstions.

You can connect your computer to your phone’s hotspot and it will be the same as connecting them to the same Wi-Fi. You can then use any method which works over Wi-Fi. For example, with Termux, you can use scp to copy files from your phone to your computer.

connect using hotspot/wifi tethering.
Start ftp or http server on phone [ mixplorer or any other file manager]
Connect to that server.

I am using mi files but it needs same wifi connection, even in ftp max speed is 2.5 to 3mpbs