How to get Piper working on Fedora?

Greetings fellow humans, human fellas.

I’m having an issue with Piper on Fedora Linux 33.

Basically, non of the settings I can tweak in Piper works. It either silently does nothing, or gives me an error message and reverts to default settings.

The mouse in question is the Lotitech MX Master 3. For now, I can use Solaar to configure it, but I would like to use Piper instead.

The mouse does indeed work. On Pop!_OS, I had no issues with configuring the mouse with Piper.

I would love to make an issue on the piper github page, but I do not know how to use ratbagctl to record the errors in the terminal.

If anyone can help me get Piper to work, or help me with the ratbagctl syntax, that would be great.

Note, I read the man page for ratbagctl(ratbagctl -h) didn’t help, no idea how I’m supposed to use each command.