How to get notifications with DeadBeef player?

I am trying to get the OSD Notification plugin for DeadBeef.

The plugin does not show up in the list of installed plugins. I looked at dnf but cannot see anything that I have no installed already.

What am I missing?

I don’t see it in the list of plugins here:

The RPM Fusion package seems to package all the plugins included in the released tar, so this particular plugin does not seem to be included there:


I do see a --disable-notify flag in the RPM Fusion build here:

Not sure if it is related to this plugin, though. Probably best to file a bug so that the RPM Fusion maintainer can look into it:

If the plugin is not included in the deadbeef sources, it’ll need to be packaged separately like the deadbeef-mpris plugin.

Here is the open bug report in case anyone stumbles upon this chat.


Version 1.8.8-5 will contain notification. I tested it and it works fine for me.

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Awesome, thanks for the bug report, this will benefit all deadbeef users :+1:

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You are most welcome.

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