How to exclude docker from the built image using cosa?

How can I exclude docker from the built image using cosa? The problem is I cannot find any trace of docker package in the manifest. Thanks!

Fedora packages the docker code under the name moby-engine.

What problem are you trying to solve?

That’s what I’m looking for. Thanks!

Why do you want an FCOS image without docker? The presence of docker shouldn’t affect anything if you don’t use it.

I want the containerd, but not the docker.

If you want to disable Docker, you do not need to rebuild the image and you can mask the docker service and socket units in your Butane config.

You only need to rebuild the image (and test the build, host the build, and do so every two weeks forever) if you can not afford the storage space for the docker binary. But then what would you run on this system with such strong storage constraints?

I’m rebuilding CoreOS anyway since I need to include K8s components in the ISO. Excluding docker is just some keystrokes away.

Then instead of rebuilding, I would suggest adding what you need either via a Butane config on first boot or directly in the ISO on top of the existing content, as an “extension”.

Then you’re good. Just remove moby-engine from the package list