How to disable sound system auto-configuring volume to a low setting?

Continuing the discussion from Sometime Fedora does not recognize Speakers but does after reboot:

@arctrus, I haven’t noticed my system doing that. But you might try using pavucontrol instead of alsamixer and see if you can lock the values you want using that tool.

It is at 100. But the sound is still less than what Windows gave at 100. Maybe we aren’t accesing the core configuration of my headphone.

Don’t mind that low “green” above “advance”, It’s just visualising my music

@glb It is weird, but, It got auto fixed. I came back from windows. And headphones are working at their true capacity.

Thanks! For all the effort you put into the community. I would never leave desktop linux.
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:

Note that fedora has at least 2 volume controls to be concerned with.
The device volume control you show
The system volume control (at the upper right of the screen)
and possibly a third on the headphones themselves.

It seems all have some affect on sound output and each may need adjusted to attain the desired results.

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