Low sound on fedora compared to windows 10

I use fedora 30 alongwith pre installed Windows 10 on my HP-al176TX. Ever since I installed fedora there is just one problem of sound.
On Windows 10 I have B&O Speakers and B&O proprietary sound drivers. The sound quality on fedora just cannot match that of Windows 10.
I have tried using alsa tools and there is some improvement in sound volume but it just does not match the sound quality of Windows 10.
Maybe I am not using alsa tools properly or there might be some other drivers which I could use.
Please guide me on this issue.

Unfortunately, some manufactures these days do all sorts of hacks in order to make sound “better” and the way they opt to do that is by shipping tweaks within their drivers. If those drivers are not open sourced then it is very unlikely that you’ll get exactly the same performance/functionality under free OS such as Fedora which is not supported by the manufacturer.

I hold my fingers crossed that they change that though :slight_smile:

In case your only concern is with sound level, you could use some media players such as VLC which allow you to change volume above 100%