How to completely uninstall waydroid on gnome/fedora?

How to completely uninstall waydroid on gnome/fedora?

It depends how you installed it. I saw and installed it two days ago from the official fedora repository. So with dnf it would be easy to deinstall.

Otherwise if you installed it from the internet you have the option to use the uninstall command.

Please give a bit more info … like whereis waydroid for example.

Uninstall it exactly the opposite of the way it was installed. Since I can see it in the updates repo I would assume it was installed either via the gnome software app or using dnf.

It could thus be removed using dnf with sudo dnf remove waydroid. This does not remove anything that may have been placed into the users home directory when using the app, but that is up to you to clean up if needed.

As I mentioned it must enter into the fedora repo just recently.

I guess the question was where exactly is the container and if it get removed totally with the commands you propose.

I use this to install waydroid and i installed gapps for waydroid.
Screenshot from 2023-09-09 23-03-10

➜ ~ whereis waydroid
waydroid: /usr/bin/waydroid /usr/lib/waydroid

sudo dnf remove waydroid
sudo dnf copr disable aleasto/waydroid

If you need to reinstall as mentioned above it is now in the official repository:

Install Instructions - Waydroid

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