How to change the battery warning percentage

I am using pretty old laptop and I couldn’t know when battery falls below 20% while I am working on it… my computer directly shows the warning sign when it is at 5% which is critically low. I want to change the warning percentage to around 30% where I could not risk my battery life…
I didn’t find the setting to change this …
I am unknown about this so can anyone help me with this

I am very enthusiastic to know learn bash… So if you explained me the meaning of the command That would be great… :innocent: :innocent:

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So usually this warning is part of your power options in the settings panel/menu (if using XFCE for example it’s a menu, whereas it’s a panel in KDE and GNOME), there are tabs in there for when the laptop is plugged in or on battery power so you will need to go to the battery tab and you should find the percentages listed in the settings there.


Try this way:

sudo -e /etc/UPower/UPower.conf
sudo systemctl restart upower.service

@t3rm1n4l can you help me how to get into this panel/menu
I didn’t find something like panel in the settings option…
Sry I am a very new user to linux system…

Excuse me bruh
Can you tell me how you know all these stuff?
And can you give me some manual documents to help me to begin with the bash do…
I also wanna be a professional bash user…

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This should be a good starting point to learn Fedora:

Writing simple scripts:

Advanced Bash-scripting guide:


Nice resources :slight_smile: I would also recommend the linux foundation LFS101x course for anyone wanting to learn Linux well:

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