How to change folder color in file manager (Gnome 3)?

How to change color of folder in Gnome 3 nautilus?

Hello @ksandr1v
As far as I’m aware, there is no way to change folder colors.

Looking at Nautilus bug tracker, a request for such feature was closed with the label Out of Scope (something like: we are unwilling to implement that).

However in Nautilus you can:


Thanks for the answer.
I also found plugin for nautilus

But unfortunately no solution allows you to change the default color for all folders at once. Or am I missing something?

I finally found a solution.
Gnome tweaks β†’ Appearance β†’ Icons β†’ Choose theme for all icons in system

Oh well. I was thinking you was trying to change the colors of a subset of folders only, not all the folders icons of your system.
Glad you found a solution and share it.

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