How to build my own Fedora spin / Fedora derivative distro?

I’ve been looking for some docs about how to replicate, and then customize, the process to generate a Fedora installable image from source. Is there some docs or guide I can follow to do so? If not, could anyone point me to some Fedora repos or tools that handle this so I can try to replicate and document the process?

Ideally I would want to explore building a slightly modified Fedora Silverblue distro, so any pointers in that specific direction would be awesome.

Thanks a lot to anyone who can help me to find some docs about the process!


I believe there was some discussion about this in the Kinoite topic. Try searching for Kinoite in this site.


With the commands from Kinoite, a KDE (and now XFCE) version of Fedora Silverblue - #25 by Siosm, you should be able to build your own Silverblue variant.


Thanks both of you for your help! I will check what Kinoite is doing and it might be enough for what I want to do.

Anyway, I find strange that there is not a clear repo or documentation about replicating the build process of Fedora, from source to bootable image. Maybe the people working on it assume that it is an easy process and I reckon that is a process that people not working on it everyday might never need to be aware of. Nevertheless, a simple way to replicate the process would be a good welcoming sign to new contributors, and it helps to strengthen our GPL rights of repurposing and modifying free software.

I’ve posted a summary in Where's the repository hosting the code which builds Silverblue images? - #2 by Siosm for information about repos, etc.

I agree that this is lightly documented. I’m afraid that this has not been a focus as even though we do not want to discourage people from building their own, most of the value come from everyone using the same image that has been tested instead of everybody building their own. This is a change in perspective from classic package based distribution mechanisms.

Let me repeat that to make things clear: it is perfectly fine to build your own, but you won’t benefit from all the testing done on official images.

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Thanks, I understand the benefit of everyone using the same images in regards to quality. In this moment my goal is to experiment and learn about how Linux distros are created from source. I’ve been reading about the progress with Kinoite and I am very happy to see that making a Silverblue derivative is really manageable. Thanks for taking the time to document you progress with Kinoite!

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