How to backup when installing to a laptop

I have installed the system on my laptop, but I am worried about the system failure. How to make a snapshot backup.

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Snapper or timeshift are good candidates for your needs.

I prefer snapper if you have a BTRFS root device, it easily takes snapshots of your system. Consider using btrfsassistant with snapper for convenience.

here is a guide on snapshotting btrfs: Working with Btrfs - Snapshots - Fedora Magazine, and here is another good one, Fedora Workstation 35 with automatic btrfs snapshots and backups using BTRBK |

Another option is to use Gnome Backups / Deja Dupes. Uses a GUI and you can back up to cloud providers like Google Drive. This is what I use and it’s been fairly simple to use as a non-technical person. Available right in Gnome Software.

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