Backup: timesheet? btrbk? buttermanager? megasync? etc? Fedora 35+

Backup: i am researching of backup on btrfs user & system?

timesheet - a single filesystem is restore
buttermanager – another snapshots in a subvolume
megasync – server
btrbk – ??

i am Fedora 35+, and browser & a sometimes program write.

I’ve had very good luck with btrbk for creating periodic automated snapshots on both laptop and server. Laptop creates both local snapshots and sends snapshots to the server via ssh. Server also creates local snapshots to internal backup drive and external hard drive.

For off-site backups I create a separate backup using Restic that is sent directly to Backblaze B2.

Timeshift does the job really well and saved me from reinstalling the system upon breaking it several times. But it may not work properly with BTRFS on Fedora

I like snapper personally.

That being said, keep in mind that btrfs snapshots aren’t backups. They are useful if you break something and need to get a copy of all or some of your older files. However, they provide no protection against filesystem corruption or hardware loss as they live in the same filesystem as the original data.

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the read is 3 posts – backup favorite?? I am trying and feel is the backup favorite.

1 btrbk
1 timesheet
1 snapper

Your aren’t going to get a good “favorite” answer from other people. Try each one and see what works best for you! We all have different needs and different levels of experience and each option will resonate differently due each of us. The beauty of choice in open source software!