How to backup the whole home directory from chroot?

Home is not a seperate partition. I’ve seen a couple of commands like copying but also compressing a directory but i’m confused how to set the path right because should i like set it to /mnt/home/user or something I’m not sure.

Reasons why I’m wanting to backup everything is because i wan’t to try reinstalling Fedora 37 as there were some problems that you can see in this discussion

I think there is an easier way to backup your /home data without chrooting into your existing installation.
You can simply boot a Fedora Live media and use Files (Gnome’s file manager) to copy important files to external drive (or network share, or whereever).

1.) boot Fedora Live system
2.) mount internal drive that has /home
3.) mount backup drive
4.) copy data from one location to the other


I don’t think i understand what you meant by using Files(Gnome’s file manager). Is that done via terminal or GUI?

Say i have my /home partition in the same partition as my root. Say it was like this sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt, how would i mount backup drive?

How would i preform copying? cp? mv?

Download Fedora Workstation Live image, write and boot it:
Creating and using a live installation image :: Fedora Docs

In a Live user session, open GNOME Disks:


Select your disk and partition, then press the ⯈ button to mount it.
It will show the path to the mounted filesystem.

Open GNOME Files as administrator:

nautilus admin:///run/media

Copy and paste files and directories as usual.

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Thank you both!

I’ve got one more question tho. To backup my data, all i need to do is backup Home right? Nothing else?

Backing up the users $HOME would give the user a copy of everything in and under their home directory. Nothing else would be backed up and in most cases everything that is directly related to that user would be saved.

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