Things to back up when moving from ubuntu to fedora?

I have decided to move from ubuntu to fedora for a change, but I don’t know what files and directories to back up other than /home, and if i should back up the dot files and directories in /home or not? Any help will be appreciated

Hi. I’d backup everything in /home, but I’d restore my settings & app-specific files (those in dot directories under /home) in the Fedora install one app/sub-system a time to be sure everything works. Of course, this will take more time than bulk restore, but if you do bulk restore and something goes wrong, then you might spend more time to find what’s broken. On the other hand, it should be generally safe to restore not hidden directories (e.g., Downloads, Documents, etc) in bulk.


Agree on being careful with files in . files.

Especially the ones that control the desktop.
The files in .local/… and .config/… will take some pulling apart.

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I only have a few programs whose config files i would like to keep along with config files of a few games, so, thanks for the advice guys! :smile: do i need to copy anything other than the /home dir?

Probably not. Anything else would be specific to apps installed and since you are moving from ubuntu to fedora each app you use on fedora will have its own configs under /etc

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Okay! Thanks for the help! Hopefully the installation will be smooth

backup /home if you didn’t document the list of applications you use.
Exact Files to backup depend on applications you use.
I moved from Manjaro to Fedora in the past and I backuped my Download & Document folders, my Firefox profile, /etc/fstab because I had some NAS configurations, Signal data, KeepassXC database. …

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