How to add yum/dnf repos to a custom rpm-ostree build?

I am attempting to build a swaywm/wayland based version of rpm-ostree Fedora.

As part of the build I want to include some packages from @alebastr 's COPR repo sway-extras.

I’ve dropped the repo file into the tree and edited the yaml config to include the name of the repo, but this doesn’t seem sufficient to get it included.

But as you can see in the build log here, rpm-ostree complains the repo doesn’t exist :frowning:

(Also, if this isn’t the right neighborhood to discuss custom rpm-ostree builds, please move me on in the right direction)

I’m not well versed in rpm-ostree, but I think it wants a repository name, which is different from a repo file name. In this case it would be

Hello @ramblurr ,
Perhaps this old conversation can help with your efforts. It’s about using COSA to create a custom Silverblue build. pre-RFC: Rebasing Silverblue on CoreOS

Crikey, you were right. I named it to match the file, not the repo name inside the file. This worked. Thanks.

If I’m understanding that thread right, it’s about a proposal to refactor the fedora rpm-ostree “spins” (?) so they are derived from Fedora CoreOS. That seems like a decent suggestion, but from the age looks like it hasn’t gone anywhere?

In any case I’d like to maintain my config as close to current Silverblue as possible to make upgrades easy. If the way Silverblue is built changes, I’ll follow suit.

Also I can’t believe how easy it is to compose up a new tree, I’ve been running Silverblue for several years now, and the whole time I’ve lamented that I had to give up my lightweight tiling wm env to get the immutable system goodness (maintaining layered packages and doing base override removals was a big pain). @martinpitt 's article showed me the light!