How to access https server from a KVM guest (runs on Boxes) on the SAME Fedora machine

Dear All,

Would you please advise me on this topic?

Basic setup:

One physical PC.

F33 workstation and CentOS7 (runs on Boxes).

I’ve also read this article: F34 Server Running in Boxes network connection

I don’t need a LAN do I?

I am not sure. I use libvirt with QEMU/KVM for my guests so am not 100% up on the differences when using boxes. I would guess that if you can ping the host address and/or ssh into the host from the VM and vice versa then you should be good. If, however, that requires the LAN facing interface to be active then it may require the LAN.

I set up my VMs using bridged mode network and the virbr0 interface on the host. As such it is directly connected to the host via the virtual interface and needs no outward network interface to operate. The VM thus gets its address from whatever the host has assigned to the virbr0 network (usually as the virbr0 address, on the subnet)

Thanks for the insight.
The https server provides a JavaScript code only:

Compiled successfully!

You can view the application in browser.

Local: https://localhost:8083/index.js
On Your Network:

I can only access a https server running on guest from the hosts.
I’m mainly missing a concept and pratical guides related to a setup. Looking into this one: Getting started with virtualization :: Fedora Docs
I’m missing many details about communication from guests to hosts.