How many fonts are there for the Thai language?

In Software, there is only 1 Thai font, namely Waree.

Why are there 2 Thai fonts, namely Droid Sans Thai and Waree, in LibreOffice ?


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That does not look like the Gnome Software application—do you meant the “fonts” application?

The fonts application matches names. Search for “droid” and you’ll see the different types of droid fonts, including the one for Thai. I’m not sure why “Thai” doesn’t list the font in the fonts application, though.


Sorry for typo, that’s right - It’s Fonts application.
A Thai programmer told me that Waree is one of the monospace fonts and it is good for using in only console.
And he introduced to use this font, namely Google Sarabun instead.
That’s awesome.

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That’s great. Are all these fonts in the Fedora repositories? If not, would you like to package and maintain them for other users? I am a sponsor so I can help you learn packaging etc.

You can also see the full list of sponsors to the package maintainers group here. (Feel free to contact anyone):

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