How is Fedora organised?

How is the Fedora community organised? The OS is only one artefact that the community produces. What else does it do?


Quoting from this page: How is Fedora Organized? :: Fedora Docs

Fedora is a big project, with many moving parts and dozens of groups and subgroups. This chart gives a general overview and a sense of how things fit together. The Fedora Council is our overall leadership and governance body. Most of the project is then roughly organized under FESCo (the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee) or the Mindshare Committee.

Since many groups are rather informal, don’t take the chart as written in stone. You can learn more about the various teams and initiatives in our subprojects documentation.

If this is all a little overwhelming, don’t worry — pick an area you’re interested in, introduce yourself to the people involved, and get started. Fedora is a friendly and open community, welcoming to all.


Thanks for the chart, really interesting. How can one contact a SIG and introduce oneself? The documentations page doesn’t look finished yet.

Found it :

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There’s also:

Each SIG will have a wiki page with information on what it does and how to join the team. For any help with getting started, one can speak to us at the Join SIG: