How do you set kernel module parameters in silverblue?

I have some parameters that I would like to apply to the i915 graphics driver in Silverblue. For instance, I would like to set enable_psr=0.

I tried adding the parameters to the file /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf by adding a line like the following:

options i915 enable_psr=0

However upon rebooting, I do not see the parameters set in /proc/sys/dev/i915/.

Since ostree is immutable, perhaps I am missing a step? And am I looking in the correct location to verify that the parameters are set?

Background: My system is freezing randomly due to a bug in how the i915 driver handles power states in the Intel Baytrail integrated GPU. I am attempting to fix the freezes.

rpm-ostree kargs --append=


For those curious, the full command to answer my original question is:

rpm-ostree kargs --append=i915.enable_psr=0

I might note though, for anyone finding this page with the same issue. My system freezes turned out to be the infamous CPU c-state bug, and the fix was to limit the CPU c-states rather than tweaking the GPU driver parameters.

The following solved my system freezes:

rpm-ostree kargs --append=intel_idle.max_cstate=2