How do we find & add podcast url to Rhythmbox on Fedora 34

Hi there,

Just wondering if there is a simple way to find and add podcasts url’s to Rythymbox?

Did you check the documentation here?

(Searched “rhythmbox podcast” and found this at the first search result)

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Hi there, Yes I read those and even that particluar article, but I couldn’t see how to add it. it says: enter the URL podcast feed.

Also, in the app it says add it from apple music but i cant get into apple music (I have no apple device) and the other source ( seems crashed and cannot find any url’s there either.

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What podcast are you trying to listen to? It’ll have a feed URL. You should just have to paste the URL there and it should work.

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I have the spotify links if that helps?

These are the three I am trying to add:

Ah, no, I don’t think you can use these in Rhythmbox or another application. They are Spotify podcasts and so must be listened to in Spotify.

yes I thought so, hmm but they are on also apple music and many other podcast apps like AntennaPod and various other podcast apps.

So I should perhaps try find someone with an apple device and get the url from apple music would that work do you think?

It depends on what all services they are publishing their podcasts. Spotify may be one service, but try to look for their websites and see where else they publish. If they’re on iTunes, Rhythmbox may be able to find them (at least that’s what your screenshot suggests). Antennapod basically does this—it looks at a number of publicly accessible services where podcasts are published. So yes, if you get the feed url from Antennapod etc. you should be able to use them in Rhythmbox (or any other app).

Found the services Antennapod looks at, so start by searching in these?

Here’s your last one on podcast index:

Edit: just tested and works on Rhythmbox—found the URL and then subscribed without issues:

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wow ! thanks so much for your help, i have been trying to figure that out for a long time.

so when i copied this one:

and pasted it into the Rhythm Box and his search it doesnt work on my system

Ah I got it I need to take the RSS URL:

Thanks again for you help this is so cool

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