How do tags appear in the "all tags" sub-menu?

Hi! I was looking at the “all tags” sub-menu at the top of the site, and I noticed that the dei tag does not show in the list. I have to search for it in order for it to appear. Is there a way to add this tag to the default list without requiring someone to search for it to find it?


Those menus are filters, and they kind of act like “breadcrumbs” as well: category → (optional) subcategory → tags. If you select a category, you will see the tags that are available in that category — and only those tags.

For example, you won’t see #dei in :category_help: Site Help & Feedback, because this category only allows a limited set of tags[1].

But if you change the category to :category_project: Project Discussion, it should be there:

On desktop rather than mobile, this menu is shown with an “all categories”, “all tags” view on the front page and under Latest or Active. There, it seems to show tags in order of use, and #dei just isn’t in the top.

Does that make sense? It’s also listed at Fedora Discussion, of course.

  1. those from the “Help & Feedback” tag group ↩︎

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This was the view I was looking at, for “All categories”. I guess I am confused why podcast shows up there but dei doesn’t? The last podcast post was June 2022.

I think it’s just numbers. Right now, 28 posts in podcast, and 20 in dei.

Hmm, I wonder if that is a configurable threshold. It would be nice to give more visibility for the dei tag. I use the URL directly to get to it most times.

There is a threshold for the number of tags, and it is currently at its default of 30. We could raise that, I guess — there is probably a slight performance cost, and at some point searching is faster.

Also, there is a new sidebar feature in Discourse, which users can customize with their own list of tags. I haven’t enabled that yet because it doesn’t fit well with our site design and I need to figure that out. But that’s probably a useful thing for the future…

Hi folks, I was looking for the dei tag in Project Discussion category, but I noticed the tag does not appear in the drop-down menu for all the tags. How can we get that tag to appear in the default list? Currently, it is hard to find the tag unless you explicitly search for it, which isn’t helpful for surfacing our team conversations and activity.

@mattdm, do you know how this is set up? Do we have to opt-in the tag to the default list?

I merged in the time you asked this before and I didn’t notice. Sorry. :slight_smile:

There are actually two thresholds: the initial drop-down list, and also the (shorter) list of results that match whatever you have started typing. These default to 30 and 5 (respectively). Currently, I’ve left the former at the default and set the latter to 7.

Discourse has a new navigation feature which I have not yet enabled[1]. That lets each user pin a customized list of tags to the menu[2]. That doesn’t help with discoverability for smaller groups, but it seems very convenient for folks primarily involved in a few specific teams.

  1. because the sidebar mode conflicts with the categories + latest front page layout we have now, and also because of this issue) ↩︎

  2. or sidebar, if we can figure out a way to make the design work. But it can also be configured to replace the current “hamburger” menu, which is probably going to be the first cut ↩︎

Is there a good reason not to expand the list of 30 to something like 40? As far as I can tell, the drop-down seems the best way to discover team discussions in the tag-based way we do things on our Discourse site.

Let’s try and find out. It probably has some performance implication, and of course now it’s a longer list. We can see how it goes. There are currently 44 tags in the “Fedora Teams and Interest Groups” list. I’m going to set it to 100 to see what that looks like…