How do Proven Packagers do their task?


I’d like to learn more about how you can change tons of packages at once. How do you automate it? How do you generate %changelog entries for many packages at once? Do you have scripts examples that you can share?



Workflow I use:

  1. Have full git repositories clone locally (I use grokmirror with script from the page to have non-bare repos too).
  2. Whenever I want to change anything, I usually find packages I want to touch. Then write some script to do changes, run git-diff across all those repos to make sure that changes are correct.
  3. rpmdev-bumpspec to bump release across those packages.
  4. git-push for them with xargs -n1 -P8
  5. fedpkg build --nowait for them with xargs -n1 -P16