How do I reinstall the driver for the wifi adapter that comes with Fedora?

I tried to fix my wifi problems and followed the installation guide here.

After doing so, my laptop doesn’t seem to recognize its wifi adapter and I lost internet.

I would like to get rid of what I did and reinstall the default driver that ships with Fedora.

How could I achieve this? Thank you

Have you followed Larry’s instructions for uninstalling his driver?
If yes, remember to also undo any configuration changes you may have made (i.e. placing a conf file in /etc/modprobe.d/).
Once that’s done, reinstall the kernel-modules package for the kernel version that you installed the drivers on. For example, if it was 6.0.10, dnf reinstall kernel-modules-6.0.10 (as root or with sudo). Load the modules or just reboot and you should be fine.
Is this what this other thread is about?

Thank you. Yes the other thread was about that… When I boot the computer with previous kernel I still had the internet so I wanted that to use that.

It didn’t go that well and I ended up reinstalling entire F37 again… But thank you.