How do I install | spek - free acoustic spectrum analyzer


I want this app: 1718 – Review request: spek - Free acoustic spectrum analyzer

But don’t know how to install it since sudo dnf install spek did not work.

Thank you!

You need to have the rpmfusion repo enabled to install that package, it isn’t packaged in the fedora repo. You can find the details on how to at

I have rpm fusion enabled and checked it, it looks like that it is not maintained anymore.
No match for argument: spek

You’d need to follow the build instructions here: spek/ at master · alexkay/spek · GitHub

The package has unfortunately been retired from the RPM Fusion repositories:

Usually this is either because the software is no longer maintained, or if the maintainer no longer uses it or has time to maintain it.

So one cannot install it using dnf at the moment.

I see that the project does have a GitHub page, but the last commit was in 2018, so it may not really the most actively maintained. The last release was in 2016, the last commit is from 2018.

You should be able to install it from source, it doesn’t look very complex:

(but no idea if it still works etc.)

Look here: Here you can find other links and sources for spek. Hope it helps you. :grinning:

When you link to third party sources other than RPM Fusion (which is provided by Fedora community members and follows the same guidelines and review process as packages in Fedora do), please do note who is providing the package and what their inclusion criteria/review process is and so on so that end users here have enough information to decide if they want to use the package and what issues if any they may encounter.

Isn’t it wrong architecture anyway spek-0.8.3-1.aarch64.rpm @heliosstyx ?



AArch64 or ARM64 is the 64-bit extension of the ARM architecture. It was first introduced with the ARMv8-A architecture.

Yeah, at the git repo the last commit was from Dec. 2018, at least that was the latest I could find. The website show an announcement from 2014 which seems to be the latest info update. Certainly there must be other spectrum analyzers in the Fedora repo’s.?!


Yes, but when you scroll down you will see another package for X64 and so on. This was only a starting point for looking around. @ankursinha every user is responsible for using a repository or not, my posting is only one tip when rpmfusion etc. will not contain a specific package. Carefully reading a link is necessary and so there is no risk at all.

Sure, we can always say “hey, it’s your responsibility”, but given that a lot of people go to forums, just quickly copy paste the solution without necessarily going through the discussion, it’s nice to add extra context so that people have the information they need available to them to make a quick decision. So you don’t have to do it, but I request you to. I mean, we’re a community of friends here, and I’d certainly give my friends all the necessary information when making a suggestion :slight_smile:

Okay. You are all right we will act as friends avoiding pitfalls and not only as information provider. That’s the spirit of the Fedora community. :upside_down_face:

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Yes. There is: easyeffects (former pulseeffects) has a spectrum analyzer plugin and much more. It’s in the repos.

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