How can I build an akmod module from pagure? (or additionally, if I can't figure that out, how do I install a copr program that doesn't have a build for 35, but does for 34?)


So, after getting my WiFi issue fixed, I would like to get my touch bar (macbook pro 13,2) working in fedora, on neon/Ubuntu, I followed the Debian/Ubuntu steps here and it was quite painless (here), although there is a Red Hat/Fedora method mentioned, the copr repo method is outdated, so I am left with the only option being to build theakmod driver from the pagure repo, although I could install dkms and do the debian/ubuntu method, I do not the know the equivalent directories on fedora, any way (whether it’s building the akmod, doing it the dkms way, or finding a way to brute force non-fedora 35 copr packages) would be appreciated!

P.S, I tried looking for a makefile but I couldn’t find one when I cloned the repo from pagure.

ls -a #list all files
cd .copr #change to hidden folder

there is you makefile:

	dnf -y install rpmdevtools fedpkg wget
	fedpkg --release=f32 srpm
	cp *.src.rpm $(outdir)

I hope this helps.

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close, now I get

sources file doesn't exist. Source files download skipped.
Failed to get repository name from Git url or pushurl
Failed to get ns from Git url or pushurl
Could not execute srpm: No spec file found.
make: *** [Makefile:4: srpm] Error 1

at the end after it copies the git repo and installs those packages.