Utility for using common folders among users


Our family laptop is using a shared folder setup that is accessed by more than one user, so that we don’t have family data stored twice among users. Because of group folder permissions issues, mostly when moving files, I wrote a little utility to address that.

Sharing it here with the community in case it is of interest to other and for feedback as well.


That looks pretty cool, I’ll definitely try it out.
Since you’re already producing RPMs, have you thought about putting it on Copr?

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I haven’t, but putting it in COPR sounds like a good suggestion!

I gave it a try but got some rpm build errors (logs here). I 'm quite new at rpm and specfile build idiosyncrasies and it will take some time to test things and understand what is going wrong. I will look further into it later. I m not exactly sure what part of the specfile is causing the build to fail even though it works locally, probably a configuration option, any pointers would be appreciated.

Your Makefile is using fedpkg local, have you tried using fedpkg mockbuild instead (you’ll have to install Mock)? That’s how the copr build servers build it, so you should run into the same problems.

ok, I 'll try that later and see what happens.

I renamed the package to fcust as @lcts suggested and manged to get a build to succeed in copr, here:

However I had to disable running unit test during package build because there was no way to appropriately modify the environment for them to run. For an idea on what’s needed look at the Dockerfile of the repository. It creates the image where CI runs tests. Any ideas on how I could achieve that in COPR would be appreciated.

I 'll update the project’s documentation with the COPR option later. For people reading here in order to test it you 'll have to:

$ sudo dnf copr enable iolaum/fcust 
$ sudo dnf install fcust