Horizontal lines on the screen

After the last update, horizontal lines appear on the screen and then disappear.

Fedora 35
Gnome 41.3

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You say last update? When, today?
Have you rebooted since the update?
You give us an image but no other real info about what is happening. For example it appears you are using a graphics desktop, but is it gnome, kde, or something else?
It also appears you may also be using a terminal window at full screen, but I cannot tell for sure.

Then you say it gives you the lines then they go away.

Are you using xorg or wayland?
Are you using the nouveau driver or nvidia for that GPU?

You can answer most of those questions by posting the output of inxi -Fzx here inside the </> preformatted text tags available above.

Hi Jeff

Thank you for your interest.

I am an amateur linux user. There was a new update today and installing it fixed it.

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