Help with Silverblue,Nodejs install

Hi all,

I am new with Silverblue. After my distro hoping, I decided to stay with Fedora and Silverblue. Need stable and functional distro for my development ( front end dev).

As I understand, mostly I need to install apps from Flathub.

I found there Visual Studio code, which working great.

But I also need Nodejs, which is not on Flathub. How to proceed with that ?


You’ll probably want to use it via toolbox.

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Thanks for the answer. As I am really new with immutable things, is this correct way to do it ?

In terminal :

toolbox create my-nodejs
toolbox enter my-nodejs

Than in “my-nodejs” container normally install :

sudo dnf install nodejs

And once Node.js and npm are installed, I can exit the toolbox container:



You can find the docs at Toolbox :: Fedora Docs

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