Fedora 34 Silverblue - website development container

I am trying to set up a website development container in Fedora 34 Silverblue and I do not understand how. I need:

IDE (Atom or VSCode)
Access localhost (Chrome)
Access my repo (bitbucket)

The IDE I download with Flatpak. But how to get all that I need inside a container to work out of? I tried Gnome Boxes but thats not the idea. Toolbox I dont get far with, cant get my IDE in a toolbox with all the other stuff. And just the IDE in Flatpak is not enough. Any help, guidelines, how-to, is much welcomed. Thank you.

Hi. You can install VScode inside the toolbox, with native speed and GUI, just call code from the toolbox terminal.
Just look how to add the repo and install Code with DNF. I use that for nextjs dev, works great, and opens the localhost inside the native browser.