Help wanted for this years Annual Contributor Survey

The Fedora Council ran the first ever Fedora Annual Contributor Survey June of 2021 and we’re planning to run the second edition this summer. This is particularly exciting because after this year’s survey results are in, we will have multiple sets of data to compare. @bookwar and myself have been the main coordinators for the survey, and we are looking for volunteers to help out with the second edition. We want to ensure the survey is sustainable, and that we are not the only people who know how to run it. Towards that end, we have been working on documentation [0], including a playbook on how to run the survey [1].

Most of the tasks involved need to happen between April-August and we need all types of skill sets to pull it off:

  • Authors
  • Data analysts
  • Designers
  • Marketing/promotion
  • Project management
  • Web devs

If you’re interested in being a part of this years Annual Contributor Survey, we’d love to have you. Drop a comment with your area of interest and preferred contact method.


[0] Untitled :: Fedora Docs
[1] Untitled :: Fedora Docs