Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #454: Run a Fedora Annual Contributor Survey 2023

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happy to help with limesurvey side of things :slight_smile:


Given the systemic issues with engagement in Fedora leadership (or at least Council and Mindshare), I’d like to use this opportunity to better understand the community perception of the Fedora Council and maybe the Mindshare Committee too. What do people think these groups do? Are these groups meeting expectations? Do people think we are doing a good job or are there things we could be doing better?

I’d really like to know answers to these because I think it would help drive outcomes and avoid speculation on what we think the problems or challenges might be.

So there are couple of existing questions going into that direction:

See the Community Outreach section Fedora Contributor Annual Survey :: Fedora Docs

  • How familiar are you on how Fedora is organized as a project?
  • Who would you first try to contact if you wanted to run a Fedora event/needed swag?

But I agree it can be more targeted.

So it can be a rating question, a yes/no question or choices.

For example

  • Are you familiar with the role and responsibilities of the following groups:
    • Council
    • FESCo
    • Mindshare


  • How familiar you are with the role and responsibilities of Fedora Council?
    Rate from 1(unfamiliar) to 5(I am the member)

But I would avoid the “meet the expectation” question. It sets some sort of customer service attitude which I don’t like. If people would like to engage in the work the group is doing they just can. So in the survey I would focus really on whether people know that these group exists not how they would do their work better. Because the only answer to that is - go and do it :slight_smile:

And we have the generic satisfaction with the project question in the next section. As well as free-form feedback which goes directly to FPL. And Matthew really reads it all.

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@jflory7 How about

  • Have you considered becoming a member of the FESCo, Mindshare or Council?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I was/am a member now - This answer will probably de-anonymize people who choose it. But it will separate existing members from the would be members, which is a valuable information.
  • Why?
    free-form field