Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #422: Election Interview Questions - Council (F37)

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I’m good with reusing the previous questions. I’d hoped the last one would be a little more out of date, but it’s not, so it would be good to have candidates answer that.

Maybe one question we could add:

"What is one thing that you think Fedora is not doing well, or something that could be improved? What should the Council’s role be in addressing this issue?

The current questions are more hand-wavy or hypothetical. I’d like to know something concrete about what a candidate feels is not working well, and how they think the Council is positioned to make something not good into something better.

How about instead of adding a question, we change the first one to be more specific? Something like

What is something you’d like to see improved in Fedora and how will you work toward improving it?

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Don’t make me add a sad-face reaction emoji to this site, Ben.

We used to ask something like “What will being on the Council let you do that you can’t otherwise?” … but that’s kinda too hostile. I like your suggestion.

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I am specifically interested in knowing what a nominee thinks the Council as a cohesive unit should do about a particular issue. If you haven’t been on Council before, it is hazy about what exactly you can do as an individual. I like this edit better:

What is something you’d like to see improved in Fedora and how should the Council work toward improving it?