Help setting up static, public IPv6 address


I’m trying expose my Fedora box as an IPv6-only HTTP server, and I’m having difficulty setting up the networking, because there are three parts.

  • I have a company that will give me an AAAA record to map a public IPv6 address to a domain
  • I have a router provided by my telecom company
  • And I have a box running Fedora 31 behind that router.

When I look at the IPv6 info the router provides, it says the following, except I replaced some numbers with ‘aaaa’ to be cautious.
| Service Type | native IPv6 |
| Global Unicast IPv6 Address | 2001:aaaa:aaaa:aaaa::1 |
| Link Local Address | fe80::aaaa:aaaa:aaaa:f671 |
| Default IPv6 Gateway Address | fe80::aaaa:aaaa:aaaa:6c01 |

I think I need to use this info in NetworkManager and in radvd to create a static IPv6 address that I can point my AAAA record to, but, I’m not sure how to do that.

Much of the answer will likely depend on the telecom-provided router box. Mine, for instance, serves IPv6 addresses to my LAN and and has its own internet-facing IPv6 address. It does translations within that box. You can see for yourself if your system has a similar setup by seeing what it looks like from the outside world. Here’s an easy way to do that:


If you have cli access only I suggest you use nmcli or nmtui. If you not familiar with nmcli, nmtui is the best decision for you just issue this command in terminal.
So, create a new connection using nmtui. You just need to configure Address and Gateway. And check with ping6 connectivity to DG.
Link Local Address used for different purposes. Its not relevant to you at all.

Good luck