DHCPv6 Ok but no default route

Using pfsense as a router I am trying to use DHCPv6 (need ‘static’ IPv6 address and it is easier to manage via the router GUI). I did set ipv6.method to dhcp and effectively get an IP address in the DHCP range. But there is no default routes.

On the same network I have another Fedora (both F34) but configured with ipv6.method auto. In this case, as expected, the IP address is from the SLAAC method and the default route is present. I also have an Ubuntu 20.04 machine with dhcpv6 true (in netplan). In this case, I see both a DHCPv6 address and a SLAAC address and a default route.

Using wireshark I see the default route in the RA message.

I did try pfsense’s RA with Managed and Assisted with the same result (no defautl route). However, with Stateles DHCP I have the same behavior as Ubuntu and get 2 addresses (DHCP and SLAAC) and a default route.
Is it normal that RA Managed ans Assisted mode do not work as expected (or is my expectation wrong)?