Headset not working properly - Astro A20 - Newbie needs help

You don’t have to unplug or disable your webcam. Multiple inputs/microphones function independently, it’s just a matter of selecting/routing them (after we sort out the A20).

Is this new log before or after you added the udev rule?

The way you added the udev rule is fine. Backslashes weren’t needed, I wrote the command exactly so it could be copied whole.

Is this referring to the (GNOME) Settings app? Can you use pavucontrol instead (install it if you don’t have it, the package name is the same), and check the Configuration tab?

Okay, good to know.

It is before I’ve added the rule. I created a log-file afterwards, a minute ago:

Yes, I believe it’s the gnome one (I use the default GUI of Fedora 37). I’m going to install it right now.

Is that normal - it says installing but it’s already running huh?

It said completed when I’ve closed the program. Alright.

I checked the configuration tab. It was turned off. I switched to “Pro Audio” as profile. It didn’t work so far BUT it’s visible in the default GUI of Fedora’ audio settings again…this time IN- and OUTPUT. But still no sound Xd.

So the A20 is still not being recognised correctly. Pro Audio profile is meant for users who want direct access to every channel (for example for complex music recording setups). We want the preconfigured profiles for stereo gaming headsets.

While searching about this, I found that some models of the A20 have a mode switch (such as for PC/PS4). If yours has it, can you try both modes?


I have this mode switch (PC, PS) but it’s always on blue (playstation mode), no matter what I do. I read something in relation to windows - maybe the Astro A20 is somehow…multiple times installed?: https://www.reddit.com/r/AstroGaming/comments/ko2yc4/a20_gen_2_wireless_headset_stuck_in_playstation/

Well, I also tried this hard reset now. I decided to gave up on this headset. The sound quality is perhaps good as a lot of people say but >>>CONFIGURING a PLUG & PLAY<<< headset SHOULD NEVER EVER MAKE SUCH TROUBLE, SUCH A MESS TO ANY USER!!! I’m going to send it back.

Thanks for your help, patience & time. I’m sorry that we couldn’t solve the problem.

Fix it, Astro!

Oh well. I was hopeful the udev rule would be enough, since it must’ve worked for whichever other version of the A20. Maybe it’s for the best since this device seems to have some problems beyond Linux…

I’m not badmouthing the developers - and I’m also not a Luser as far as I was able to show that to the outside world; it’s just soooo frustrating that something soooo TRIVIAL had to go through such a degenerate effort just to try to get Plug & Play to work without any kind success.

I could have invested this wasted time better - and I have already informed myself in advance about many headsets in order to be able to avoid something like this as much as possible.

These returned goods will simply be destroyed. Cheers to politics and no cheers to nature; nature is not happy about it.

That’s what disappointment looks like, it will pass again, but the next time I don’t get a disappointment. That’s all I can say about it.

Have all a wonderful day or night!

I have been following this thread but did not jump in due to the negative attitude.

I may suggest that you try a Turtle Beach headset. I have used their headsets for several years with fedora. When the wireless dongle is plugged in audio does automatically switch to the headset, both mic and headphones, and just works. My current one is a Turtle Beach Stealth 450.

The Turtle Beach is not necessarily top of the line, but is quite good and has proven to be reliable for me.

I’ve also read that the Turtle Beach headsets are pretty good and I’m not heavily addicted to the high-end products; so it wouldn’t break a tooth out of my crown (I translated this sentence lineary - if that translation confuses, it just means: I can live with “cheaper” [quotation marks: because one usually takes into account the price-performance ratio and at the same time one’s own taste] products) - the main thing is that it will work next time & that it has an appropriate quality but for now, I’m undecided which I’m going to buy since I’ve got a lot of work for the rest of the week.

Have a good night!