Headphones heavily distorted inside Virt Manager

My Astro A50s are unusable for whatever reason inside a windows vm. Stutters, distortion, static noise whenever the volume goes just a bit loud. Anyone experienced this and managed to fix it?

We cannot test this for a solution without more info.
What is the host version?
Is it fully updated?
What windows version?
I assume that the headphones are usb and passed through to the VM, but you have not stated so.

The Astro A50 appears to be a wireless headset connected by USB. Thus it may easily be an issue with the headset itself, the drivers, the usb connection (and pass thru).

Yep, my bad. I’m on Fedora 38, which is fully updated and the windows version is 21H2

And yes, I’ve passed the base station of the headset through to the VM

Windows 10?

You can probably confirm the headset is working by using it directly from the host. If it works properly there then the issue would seem to be related to the VM guest and/or the usb pass thru.

If there is an issue with the headset when used directly from the host then it would not be related to the VM, pass thru, or libvirt.

You really need to narrow down where the issue is occurring before a solution may be found.

the distortion is exclusive to inside the windows 10 vm

All right. You seem to have isolated it to either windows (not likely) or the pass thru of the hypervisor.

Maybe it could even be related to which physical usb port is in use and how that port is managed for the pass thru.

Do more testing, since I do not recall any other complaints about audio via usb (though it seems few actually use audio for a VM (or at least I have seen few reported problems).) Once you can confirm whether it is generally all physical usb ports or only specific ones then it may be time to file a bug report on the issue.

I’ve actually tested that before, it happens for all physical usb ports

Did you install the guest tools in Windows VM? I use a Win10 VM on occasion with virt manager and I do use the usb port for online programming of running PLC’s from different mfg’s. Any interruption while online would be noticeable immediately to me at those times. Maybe I can try the headphones in the VM and listen to some tunes to see if it does the same for me. I’ll (try to) be back with an update in a bit.