HDMI (graphics card) out Disabled in pipewire

Hey there, since last pipewire update I’m having issues with my audio through HDMI output:
for some reason the system seems to detects my graphics card but when I open the sound menu (Mate’s default tool) but it’s flagged as ‘disabled’.
I googled every keyword it came to my mind for the last two hours and I didn’t found anything on how to enable it.
Can anyone help me?

Install pavucontrol, launch it and check the Configuration tab. The tool is a lot more useful than the default audio settings panel.

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Pavucontrol already comes installed and it’s not of real help either: i switched the profile to “Pro Audio” but it still cannot recognize it as an output device.
In the meanwhile I have discovered that if i force the output to HDMI with VLC media player, audio comes out again (for VLC only).

the problem was with an ALSA bug in version 1.2.7, fixed by downgrading back to 1.2.6


Pro Audio is output via JACK, but that works on top of ALSA, too, so it wouldn’t have helped since ALSA is disabling the output.