Having some ftpm issue

Can anyone help just after turn on from sleep here is a issue

Did you reset your bios or install a new CPU? Did your bios battery die?

Installing new cpu is not an option in my laptop. And no i have not reset my bios do i need to update my bios by by any chance.

It is a new laptop i don’t think that maybe the case.

A small elaboration how happend.
Today just before a hour or so i turn on and using it and just for a while i make my system sleep and when i turn back from sleep it was saying this errror.

Do you have anything that is relying on your TPM key not changing? If not, you can press ‘Y’.

If you press ‘Y’ and the message still appears that seems bad.

Nooo i don’t think my tpm is using anything.
I have tried with pressing N which turn on syatem and after the restart it was again on the same error screen.